Outsourcing your ghost mannequin editing job

Outsourcing is a very common practice for over a decade now. Jobs that cost more to do it in-house but costs less to do it outsourced are better done with outsourcing,. IT outsourcing is the most area of outsourcing where various IT projects are outsourced overseas to cut production cost. Photoshop photo editing is one of the most common areas where photo editing jobs are outsourced to overseas companies.


ghost mannequinAny skilled worker with basic knowledge or college diploma on graphic designing can edit photos. With couple of years of work experience, one can be a master photo editor. Skills and expertise of a worker can be same regardless of which country the worker is working out of. As long as the worker has a computer, needed program and the means to deliver the work, a person can work out of virtually anywhere.


This is why photo editing outsourcing is so popular. People in Bangladesh, India, Philippines are producing same level of output compared to domestic workers so it is only wise to outsource the jobs in the area offshore. Ghost mannequin outsourcing is also a common practice by clothing product owners where they get their Photoshop ghost mannequin images edited by an offshore company for a fraction of the cost.


ghost manequin editingThere are two stages of ghost mannequin editing. In the first stage, the main clothing product that is on the mannequin is clipped using Photoshop clipping path. Then the second picture is clipped to get the missing areas. These two clipped images are then joined together to form the ghost mannequin effect.


While selecting your outsourcing partner for ghost mannequin editing projects, make sure you select a professional and organized company with enough work force to handle your volume. There are plenty of 1 person showcase company that only exists on the website. It will take you days to hear back from them on your initial inquiry, if you ever get a response. Some companies only exist in the website and no real company exist beyond that. So make to you select the right company to work with on your ghost mannequin editing needs.