How to work around the invisible mannequin photography editing in adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop cs3 or later versions are very popular among professional photo editing services companies or freelancers. Among other things, adobe Photoshop program is used by photo editing service providers to edit invisible mannequin photography. While the invisible mannequin photography editing requires a bit of a skill and some hands on practice, the actual invisible mannequin photography shooting can be done with little to no investments at all by the business owners of the clothing or fashion shops.

invisible mannequin photographyTo take the invisible mannequin photography with your own camera, just make sure you have the right type of camera. A digital SLR camera is the best option in this photo shoot. This type of camera allows you to play around with the settings and adjust the shutter speed, light, white balance etc accordingly.

Every camera comes with an owner’s manual. You will be doing yourself a great favour if you read the owner’s manual for your digital camera. There are user groups as well for your specific camera type from where you can learn a great deal as well. And if you are too lazy to learn by reading a lot, you can participate in a camera forum and ask specific question about setting on your camera that will allow you to take the invisible mannequin photography of your choice.

invisible mannequinOnce you have the camera part and photo shooting part figured out, you then come to studio setup. The term studio might overwhelm some people but actually all it is the workspace where you do your photo shoots. It can be part of your living space with some lights setup, that’s all. Again, search the internet to learn about the proper lighting arrangement for invisible mannequin photography shooting so that you know how to do that type of setups. If you have couple of old umbrellas at home, couple of tripods or light stands etc, you can use them to your advantage to come up with a nice little studio setup for your invisible mannequin photography.

It will take a few tries to be a master at this but when you get the hand of it, you will not have to look back. You can save a considerable amount of money by shooting the pictures on your own compared to paying a professional photographer to do the job.

Once the pictures for the invisible mannequin photography are taken, you can edit them in adobe Photoshop yourself if you have the skills or hire an invisible mannequin photography editor to do the job. The editing part is extremely time consuming and need a lot of time per edited image so you might want to outsource that invisible mannequin photography editing part to some professional background removal or invisible mannequin photography editing team.

How much it will cost to do that editing per image depends on whom you hire and how many pictures you need editing. And whether it is a one time job or recurring jobs with few hundreds images needing to be edited per batch or per season. More the quantity, lower the pricing will be. So once you are done doing the invisible mannequin photography photo shoot, you can get a few quotes form few different professional photo editing team and make a decision as to whom you will need to hire. One thing to keep in mind when hiring a professional photo editing team is that cheaper is not always better. If you want good quality editing, you will need to be ready to pay for this.

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