How to work around the invisible mannequin photography editing in adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop cs3 or later versions are very popular among professional photo editing services companies or freelancers. Among other things, adobe Photoshop program is used by photo editing service providers to edit invisible mannequin photography. While the invisible mannequin photography editing requires a bit of a skill and some hands on practice, the actual invisible mannequin photography shooting can be done with little to no investments at all by the business owners of the clothing or fashion shops.

invisible mannequin photographyTo take the invisible mannequin photography with your own camera, just make sure you have the right type of camera. A digital SLR camera is the best option in this photo shoot. This type of camera allows you to play around with the settings and adjust the shutter speed, light, white balance etc accordingly.

Every camera comes with an owner’s manual. You will be doing yourself a great favour if you read the owner’s manual for your digital camera. There are user groups as well for your specific camera type from where you can learn a great deal as well. And if you are too lazy to learn by reading a lot, you can participate in a camera forum and ask specific question about setting on your camera that will allow you to take the invisible mannequin photography of your choice.

invisible mannequinOnce you have the camera part and photo shooting part figured out, you then come to studio setup. The term studio might overwhelm some people but actually all it is the workspace where you do your photo shoots. It can be part of your living space with some lights setup, that’s all. Again, search the internet to learn about the proper lighting arrangement for invisible mannequin photography shooting so that you know how to do that type of setups. If you have couple of old umbrellas at home, couple of tripods or light stands etc, you can use them to your advantage to come up with a nice little studio setup for your invisible mannequin photography.

It will take a few tries to be a master at this but when you get the hand of it, you will not have to look back. You can save a considerable amount of money by shooting the pictures on your own compared to paying a professional photographer to do the job.

Once the pictures for the invisible mannequin photography are taken, you can edit them in adobe Photoshop yourself if you have the skills or hire an invisible mannequin photography editor to do the job. The editing part is extremely time consuming and need a lot of time per edited image so you might want to outsource that invisible mannequin photography editing part to some professional background removal or invisible mannequin photography editing team.

How much it will cost to do that editing per image depends on whom you hire and how many pictures you need editing. And whether it is a one time job or recurring jobs with few hundreds images needing to be edited per batch or per season. More the quantity, lower the pricing will be. So once you are done doing the invisible mannequin photography photo shoot, you can get a few quotes form few different professional photo editing team and make a decision as to whom you will need to hire. One thing to keep in mind when hiring a professional photo editing team is that cheaper is not always better. If you want good quality editing, you will need to be ready to pay for this.

Clipping path freelancing jobs are available online

Lot of entrepreneurial people form developing countries are looking for clipping path services related jobs online. People in developing countries like Bangladesh, India, Philippines are educated and highly talented. These young and educated workforce need work but the infrastructure their countries have doesn’t offer them the opportunity they need or deserve. Since internet is an open marketplace, these young generation people are seeking for jobs online.

Clipping path services is one of the jobs that is available online and for that reason, these young generation people are looking for clipping path services related jobs from clipping path company. While competition for these jobs are fierce, you will need to excel in certain areas before you can land one of these online clipping path services related jobs.

First, make sure your skills in English language is adequate for communicating with international clients. For clipping path services or image cut out or background removal related jobs online, you will most likely communicate with clients from USA, Canada and some European countries. Since these countries are English speaking, you will need to have good command in written and verbal communication skill.

clipping-pathThere are freelance job boards, online job forums and many other places to find freelance work. Scope of the article is not to educate on individual online job platform but to show in general what to do to get the jobs. Each of these job boards allow you to have a profile. Make sure you spend good deal of time creating your profile as it is more than likely to be viewed before anyone contact you back on your job applications.

List related job references, clipping path services or image masking job samples, any professional certifications and anything else that is relevant must be filled out and added.

Always reply to the clipping path services job with a proper and individualized cover letter. Some background removal freelancers respond to online clipping path services jobs with ready made cover letter that they send to everyone regardless of the job. This is a BIG NO NO and a recipe for disaster. If you do not read the job post carefully and cannot reply with proper relevant cover letter, you chance of landing the job will be slim to none.

And there is one thing called patience. You may not land a clipping path services job on your first application. It might take days or even weeks before you land a job. But remember, once you get a job, that’s the beginning. You will keep getting the clipping path services and image cut out jobs one after one. You may even consider to do a few free jobs to build your portfolio. Once you have a good portfolio, getting clipping path services related jobs will be easy.

Clipping path service outsourcing process in Bangladesh

If  you give the young people proper resource and show them the way , they will make the best out of it. Bangladesh is no exception when it comes to young generation people making the best out of IT outsourcing sector.

There are many IT related business process being outsourced to Bangladesh. Clipping path service our photo cut outs services are the most common one recently. While some IT outsourcing jobs take institutional education along with hands on experience, clipping path service or photo cut outs services do not require that long for someone to learn and be skilled in. all a person needs is a three to six months diploma in graphics design and some work experience.

Some young people who are staring off on their own in the clipping path outsourcing and photo cut outs service outsourcing jobs are learning and gaining work experience at the same time. Once they know the how to, they are looking for work on the various related internet job forums and job board.

Often, employers who require one time or occasional clipping path service or photo cut outs jobs done, post their jobs on these various internet job forums. People looking for jobs also visit these job forums and when both meet, they end up building an outsourcing partnership.

This clipping path service or photo cut outs outsourcing though these online job boards may work find for small companies or individual photographers who require few images edited form time to time, but if you are running a company that requires dozens or hundreds of images to be processed on a daily basis, you cannot rely on these internet freelancers that are available on the internet job boards.

For high quality clipping path service and photo cut outs services delivered within 24 hours or less, you will need to work with some organized clipping path outsourcing company. Bangladesh has several of these clipping path service companies where you can outsource your work to so pick the one and enjoy the savings.

Why you should outsource your clipping path jobs offshore

Creating paths for images using Photoshop is not a very complex process. Its just takes bit of a time and some skills in doing so. With some training and experience, practically any computer savvy person can work on clipping path and photo cut out.

When it comes to the time value of money, you just ask yourself a question. Whether you want to spend time working on clipping path or photo cut out of your own images or outsource the process to some offshore professional clipping path outsourcing or photo cut out companies.

Another thing you will need to consider that how much your time worth per hour. If you think your time is worth $5 an hour and you have all the time in your hand, then by all means go ahead and working on your own clipping path processes or photo cut out jobs.

But if you think you can earn lot more with the save time that takes to do your own clipping path or photo cut out, then it is a smart idea to use the professional clipping path outsourcing companies for your clipping path or photo cut out jobs.

If you are a busy photographer or a high volume packshop photography or product photography studio, then there is no way on earth you can work on your own clipping path or photo cut outs by yourself. You will must need to use the clipping path outsourcing company for  your clipping jobs. Unless you want to have your own photo editing team in house to do the jobs at ten times more expense which doesn’t make a sound business sense.

So go ahead and utilize the services of a professional clipping path outsourcing company for your job and invest your valuable time on something more productive.

Invisible ghost mannequin studio – lights, camera, action

Not just professional modeling or movie shoots take lights and camera setup in a professional way. Some areas of product photography also require such professional and extensive studio setup for shooting product photos. Invisible or ghost mannequin photography ( for example is one area where a professional studio setup pays of at the end.

ghost mannequin photographySome clothing business owners think that they can get away with taking product photos in a non-professional way in the house or in the store. However, these images are then needed to be edited in Photoshop that drives up the cost of editing. Editing an invisible mannequin photography is one thing and editing plus retouching an invisible or ghost mannequin photography is quite another.

invisible ghost mannequin studioIn the invisible ghost mannequin editing phase, two raw images are used to cut and joined together to form the ghost mannequin effect. If the raw images are studio quality, no need for further retouching on these images. However, if the raw images are not professional, you will end up having to retouch those photos to bring out the true color of the clothing item and to make the clothing product desirable to the buyers. This late stage of editing plus retouching will end up costing nearly double, or in some cases more than double depending on the quality of the raw images.

So if you want to save some money on Photoshop editing on your ghost mannequin images, try to setup a studio, even in a small scale with good camera and lights so that you can have better ghost mannequin images at the end at lower cost. Over the course of years, the studio setup will pay off in Photoshop editing savings.

Not much needed in setting up a small scale ghost mannequin studio. A board or canvas for the background, mannequins which you already have if you are taking ghost mannequin images, camera which you already have, and some lightings which you will probably need to get. Get some umbrella style lights for proper illumination. Two umbrella lights will suffice to begin with.

As you can see, a ghost mannequin studio can be setup in a small budget but can pay off in the long run.



Outsourcing your ghost mannequin editing job

Outsourcing is a very common practice for over a decade now. Jobs that cost more to do it in-house but costs less to do it outsourced are better done with outsourcing,. IT outsourcing is the most area of outsourcing where various IT projects are outsourced overseas to cut production cost. Photoshop photo editing is one of the most common areas where photo editing jobs are outsourced to overseas companies.


ghost mannequinAny skilled worker with basic knowledge or college diploma on graphic designing can edit photos. With couple of years of work experience, one can be a master photo editor. Skills and expertise of a worker can be same regardless of which country the worker is working out of. As long as the worker has a computer, needed program and the means to deliver the work, a person can work out of virtually anywhere.


This is why photo editing outsourcing is so popular. People in Bangladesh, India, Philippines are producing same level of output compared to domestic workers so it is only wise to outsource the jobs in the area offshore. Ghost mannequin outsourcing is also a common practice by clothing product owners where they get their Photoshop ghost mannequin images edited by an offshore company for a fraction of the cost.


ghost manequin editingThere are two stages of ghost mannequin editing. In the first stage, the main clothing product that is on the mannequin is clipped using Photoshop clipping path. Then the second picture is clipped to get the missing areas. These two clipped images are then joined together to form the ghost mannequin effect.


While selecting your outsourcing partner for ghost mannequin editing projects, make sure you select a professional and organized company with enough work force to handle your volume. There are plenty of 1 person showcase company that only exists on the website. It will take you days to hear back from them on your initial inquiry, if you ever get a response. Some companies only exist in the website and no real company exist beyond that. So make to you select the right company to work with on your ghost mannequin editing needs.

Ghost mannequin photography – how to get it done

ghost-mannequinWe often see questions on various forums and blogs by people who are interested in doing ghost mannequin photography as to how it is done. Most of them usually need to do 1 or only a handful of ghost mannequin photography and would like to see if they can do it on their own.


While it is a fantastic idea of doing things on your own, but there are times when you need to leave a few things to the professionals. Ghost mannequin photography is such an area of photography that can be left to professionals.


ghost-mannequin-effectReason is very simple. This specific type of photography requires a few different steps that are well acquainted by professionals. Taking pictures form various angles, use of macro lens, changing setting in between product shots, etc. while steps are not hard to follow, taking the quality images form different settings and angles are!

Clipping a photo

Clipping a photo or using clipping path to edit a photo is very common practice by advertising companies, online print media, newspapers, magazines and many other companies. While some companies do the job on their own, others partner with some clipping path service providers.


The process is very simple. A graphic designer uses Photoshop program to isolate an image from the original photograph and put it under its own image file. For example, say there is a photograph with 10 different objects or person in the photo. For whatever the reason there might be, you might want to single out a single object or a specific person from the original photograph and use that as a single new image. Clipping path service providers or specialists can do the job on the fly in just matter of minutes.

images clipping

How long it takes to apply clipping path to a photo?


Depending on the complexity, whether it is single clipping path, multi or multiple clipping path, whether the image has pretty straight lines or lots of curves and patterns, it might take somewhere between 5 minutes to an hour to apply clipping path to a photo.


How much does it cost for the clipping path service?


Depending on how complex the job is and how long it takes to do the job, it can cost you between $0.49 – $10.00 per image. That is however the cost of offshore outsourcing for the clipping path job. If you are to employ your own graphic designer in-house, it would cost you significantly more to do the job.

Health Benefits Of Yacon Syrup as Lower Blood Cholesterol

Yacon Syrup is absolutely the healthy product for human body. Are you planning to lose weight yet focused on your blood cholesterol? Another immense benefit you will acquire from the Yacon Syrup that it may efficiently lower the levels of blood cholesterol in the human body. Since Hydroxycitric acid can effectively bring to an end the enzyme called citrate lyase from converting sugar into fats, exactly the same process may also block the production and storage of fat in the body. For clipping path and photo editing service:

At these times, the amount of lipids in your blood stream is reduced. Consequently, it increases the levels of good cholesterol in the body. At once, the levels of bad cholesterol are reduced. Besides this, additionally it may lower a person’s blood pressure. Caused by a healthy blood pressure and high levels of good cholesterol is a healthy and happy life. This is the reason the product is recommended to those who experience their blood pressure. A very important thing is, you can shed weight the natural way without fretting about your cholesterol levels.

With this specific, you will have a way to have a reassurance while maintaining a healthy weight.

Pure Garcinia Cambogia – What you’re supposed to know

What you’re supposed to know.. .

Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit that is indigenous to South East Asia. It is a fruit that is believed to help in losing weight and suppressing your appetite.

Garcinia is very impressive. It can cease the sugar from converting to carbohydrates. This is because of the Cytrate Lyase enzyme which blocks the body from creating fats. This could totally help out in changing your life style.

What is truly amazing is the fact that garcinia cambogia does not only stop the creation of fat but it mainly suppresses one’s appetite to eat. Garcinia had been used even from the old days. People from where this fruit grows have been adding it to their cuisines to make them feel satisfies as well as full. If you take this before meals then you would be contented with light meals.

Pure Garcinia Cambogia vs. Garcinia Cambogia

Garceni Cambogia Supplements is very famous now a days, especially when it was featured during the Dr. Oz show. It was supported by a well know doctor because it is natural. Now, people began to ask what the difference of Garcinia Cambogia from Pure Garcinia Cambogia, well here it is.

Both came for the same fruit. However, the Garcinia Cambogia is added with calcium which is also good for the body. Pure Garcinia Cambogia is well, purely from the fruit’s extract nothing more was added to it. The pure one also contains 60 % of HCA. The regular Garcinia are added with one additive. Joolo Media:

Working It Out.. .

Pure Garcinia Cambogia is really safe. A lot of studies had been done to ensure the use of the Pure Garcenia Extract. This should ease your mind about side effects. The important thing is that, people with diabetes shouldn’t be using this. People who would want to consume this should also ask for their doctor’s approval so as not to have problems with other medicines that you are using.

A person who wants to lose weight often takes a lot of supplements. The safest way is to take Pure Garcinia Cambogia extract, it is not only natural but it does help you with other ailments that your body is facing like; flu, ulcers and constipation. Taking Pure Garcinia also aids in boosting one’s immune system.

What happens when you take Pure Garcinia Cambogia extract?

 Alcohol Blocker/ Energy Booster

This supplement helps out in cleaning the alcohol toxin inside the body when it is consumed. After drinking you may have hang over that are usually hard to get by with, by taking Pure Garcinia Supplement your energy could be boosted at a high level which then helps you out to still do the things that you are supposed to do.

 Treats Sleeping Habits

One of the most common effect that people feels when taking supplements is the inability to sleep well. Well, Pure GARCINIA Supplement contradicts this. Pure Garcinia cambogia helps out in having a good sleep since it also manages the hormones in the body.