Invisible ghost mannequin studio – lights, camera, action

Not just professional modeling or movie shoots take lights and camera setup in a professional way. Some areas of product photography also require such professional and extensive studio setup for shooting product photos. Invisible or ghost mannequin photography ( for example is one area where a professional studio setup pays of at the end.

ghost mannequin photographySome clothing business owners think that they can get away with taking product photos in a non-professional way in the house or in the store. However, these images are then needed to be edited in Photoshop that drives up the cost of editing. Editing an invisible mannequin photography is one thing and editing plus retouching an invisible or ghost mannequin photography is quite another.

invisible ghost mannequin studioIn the invisible ghost mannequin editing phase, two raw images are used to cut and joined together to form the ghost mannequin effect. If the raw images are studio quality, no need for further retouching on these images. However, if the raw images are not professional, you will end up having to retouch those photos to bring out the true color of the clothing item and to make the clothing product desirable to the buyers. This late stage of editing plus retouching will end up costing nearly double, or in some cases more than double depending on the quality of the raw images.

So if you want to save some money on Photoshop editing on your ghost mannequin images, try to setup a studio, even in a small scale with good camera and lights so that you can have better ghost mannequin images at the end at lower cost. Over the course of years, the studio setup will pay off in Photoshop editing savings.

Not much needed in setting up a small scale ghost mannequin studio. A board or canvas for the background, mannequins which you already have if you are taking ghost mannequin images, camera which you already have, and some lightings which you will probably need to get. Get some umbrella style lights for proper illumination. Two umbrella lights will suffice to begin with.

As you can see, a ghost mannequin studio can be setup in a small budget but can pay off in the long run.



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